"Millions" of dollars have been spent to convince you that nothing can be done about BAD CREDIT. The TRUTH is you do have rights and you CAN do something right now. It's the LAW! The time is NOW to prepare for tomorrow.

5 Easy Steps To Get Started

Get Started Now 5 Easy Step Process! - Enrolling in our program is easy and affordable!

Step 1: Call Us or Enroll Now (A Credit Expert Will Contact You)

We want to discuss your specific credit situation with you to determine your results and set realistic expectations. You can call us or you can fill out the form on out home page or intake form after you enroll, and we’ll contact you.

Step 2: Credit Report Consultation and Analysis Free!!

Our trained credit specialists will review your credit report line by line to ensure we thoroughly understand your problem areas and areas of strength.We’ll ask you some questions to gather the personal information required by the credit bureaus to handle your case.(This step is usually after you enroll) Perform consultation and analysis for the first account or for a couple (spouse, friend, etc.).

Step 3: Determine if the Monthly Correction Process is Needed

If after going line by line with you on your credit report during your consultation it is determined errors or inaccuracies are present, we can provide assistance in correcting them through our monthly correction program if you desire the help. You are under no obligation to enroll in our monthly service program after the credit report consultation and analysis is completed. The cost for the monthly service is $99 and is billed only after we complete the work for that month. We have a 1 time set up enrollment cost of $199 and this includes the first round of disputes.

Step 4: Online Agreement Enrollment & Confirmation & 2 Item Needs List

We will send you written confirmation of your enrollment and any documentation required by law via email after you have read the service agreement outlined above the “Check Out” Button on the “Getting Started Page” and have officially enrolled as a client. You will need to complete the online ”Client Intake Form” before we begin any correction process. You will be redirected to this page after Enrolling online. (Please Bookmark the page so you can return to it if you need more time to complete the Online Intake Form) You have 3 days to cancel the agreement should you change your mind and decide to attempt to correct the errors personally. You will then need to email, fax or mail to us 2 forms of Identification. Please click here to see needs list 2 items we will need. Just choose 1 item from each category. (ex: copy of Social Security card and Recent Utility Bill for Address Verification)

Step 5: Time to Relax & Wait

The laws that govern our industry give credit bureaus 30-45 days to complete any investigations we submit to them on your behalf. This 30-day window is a great opportunity for you to work on any areas we discuss with you in your initial analysis if necessary. NOTE THIS ACTION IS MANDATORY for Success: Then Mail, fax or email the correspondence you receive from your creditors (in response to our investigation) and all 3 Credit Bureaus immediately to us. We look forward to helping you! Get Started Now!