"Millions" of dollars have been spent to convince you that nothing can be done about BAD CREDIT. The TRUTH is you do have rights and you CAN do something right now. It's the LAW! The time is NOW to prepare for tomorrow.
  • Better Credit is Just a Few Clicks Away!
    Better Credit is Just a Few Clicks Away!

    http://vimeo.com/69426357 Better Credit is Just a Few Clicks Away!

  • Credit Myth #1 of 10 (10 Myths of Credit Repair Series!)
    Credit Myth #1 of 10 (10 Myths of Credit Repair Series!)

    Here is a series of some of the most common Credit Myths that are floating around out there and clear the air on them. There is much to discover and hope you get alot out of it. So Enjoy this Series! Q: When I pay off a past-due account, such as a chargeoff or a collection account, it will show “paid” and will no longer be negative. A: It is quite difficult to restore your credit without somehow satisfying your outstanding debts. However, the act of paying off a debt, in some cases, can actually hurt your credit. Negative credit is allowed to stay on the credit report for a maximum of seven years, except for bankruptcy which may remain on the credit report for ten years. This seven year clock begins ticking on “the date of last activity” or, in other words, when the last action took place on the account. By paying an outstanding, delinquent debt you will change the account status to “paid collection,” “paid was late,” or “paid was charged off”– which will still stand out as a very negative listing. Furthermore, you will create a new date of last activity on the day you settle the account. The seven year clock will reset and begin all over again. When you have outstanding debt, it is almost always prudent to seek professional help so that you may settle your debts without further damaging your credit. (Our firm will provide a debt settlement program in the near future.)

  • Credit Myth #2 of 10 (10 Myths of Credit Repair Series!)
    Credit Myth #2 of 10 (10 Myths of Credit Repair Series!)

    Q:If I succeed in deleting a negative item, it will just come right back on my credit report. A:The credit bureaus have cleverly spread this myth through the news media and government agencies. In truth, the credit bureaus will often temporarily delete a negative listing if they haven’t heard from the credit grantor after approximately thirty days. If the credit grantor reports late, say after six weeks, and then verifies the negative listing, the credit bureau will often reinsert the negative listing on the credit report. This is often known as a “soft delete.” Usually, though, the creditor simply fails to respond and the negative listing is permanently deleted. If the item is verified by the credit grantor, either before thirty days or after, the account may still be challenged at some future time for removal. If this rare action occurs you can have it removed it again by re-disputing that item. The New Laws FACTA (Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act) along side the Fair Credit Reporting Act makes it much more difficlut for this to occur. Don't let this change your mind about improving your credit with credit correction services.

  • Is Credit Restoration For You?
    Is Credit Restoration For You?

    If you answer YES to the following below, then we believe Credit Smart Repair services can be worth your wild. You decide. f you answer YES to the following below, then we believe Dispute Launcher 2.0 Credit Repair Software can be worth your wild. You decide. • Concerned about your ability to buy, sell, refinance or remain in your home, • Establishing credit for the first time, • Declined credit in the past or recently, • Considering filing for bankruptcy, • Starting out after bankruptcy, • Already in or will soon be in a marriage or partnership, • Recently divorced or soon will be, • Dealing with a student loan, • Hunting for a job or in need of a promotion at you current job, • Looking to start a new business, • Concerned that your personal information has been compromised or stolen (ID Theft), • Dealing with medical issues & bills, • Dealing with high interest credit cards & credit card debt, • Coping with the loss of a spouse or life partner, • Wanting to know more about maintaining good credit, • Concerned about the credit status of a loved one, • Dealing with past late payments on your credit cards & loans, your fault or not, • Dealing with Collections, Charge-offs, Judgments, Tax Liens, Foreclosure, Multiple Inquiries, Late Payments past 30 days, • Dealing with inaccurate credit reporting, • Wants to get new charge cards, • Who just completed a debt settlement or debt consolidation program, • Has a 680 credit score & below, • Just want a higher credit score

  • Boost Your Credit Scores
    Boost Your Credit Scores

    There are several steps to boost your fico scores. They are no complicated to do, but require the discipline to execute and achieve them. CLICK here to discover how fico scores work

  • Buy Your Dream Home
    Buy Your Dream Home

    Home Loan Damaged credit on a vehicle is nothing compared to the effect of damaged credit on a home loan. A typical home can cost between $180,000 and $300,000 more in interest of the 30 year loan, if you are buying the home with damaged credit. So clean it up before you buy, plain and simple. We can help!

  • Credit Myth #7 of 10 (10 Myths of Credit Repair Series!)
    Credit Myth #7 of 10 (10 Myths of Credit Repair Series!)

    Many consumers get this all wrong. Don’t self verify negative credit. Q:If you are not satisfied with the results of your credit bureau challenge, you may file a “100-word statement” on your credit report explaining your side of the story. Creditors will read your statement and will take it into consideration. A:The fact is that no known creditor considers information given in a 100-word statement. Most credit is approved by a computer and is automated. The statement  only serves to self-verify some of the negative listings on the credit report. Make 100-word statements the first things you delete from your credit file. This mistake can damage your credit and will not benefit you telling the story about how you  dog ate your bill. The reality is the processors at the credit bureaus have quotas to meet when  processing your dispute requests and you long drawn out story and explanation  is simply not getting read. The processor at the credit bureau is looking for easy and to the point disputes that will make their life easy and simple for them to turn your dispute into a 2 digit code and enter it into their E-Oscar system. So make sure you avoid the dreaded 100 word statement at all times.

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What Our Clients Have To Say...

  • Credit Repair STAT!

    stephanie page1 Clients were elated, to say the least, about having Robert Montoya start attacking their credit to improve their FICO allowing them to make home ownership a reality. Call him today to get started! Robert can be reached at 877-567-4529 OR email: creditsmartrepair@gmail.com or Facebook him. Don’t wait. Go! Get going…you’re still on my page…Here’s to a future congratulations on your new home!

    - Stephanie Paige – Partner
  • Stop Waiting And Call…

    Anybody in need for credit repair so you can get where you need to purchase your dream home!!! Stop waiting and call Robert Montoya at Credit Smart Repair!!!!

    - Danielle Halyak – Partner
  • Message Him On Facebook…

    If you know anyone in need of credit repair, Robert Montoya is your man. Message him on Facebook that you are my friend and soon you will be approved for loans again and maybe buy a home! I am only referring him cause I know personally how he has helped his and my clients.

    - Kristen Alrayes – Partner
  • Shout Out For Great Service…

    I want to give a shout out for great service. Thank you Robert Montoya for your advice and help! If you are in a sticky credit situation, or just want some information, Robert is a wonderful person and professional to talk to. He is extremely knowledgeable about how to make your credit shine! Having good credit is not only important to purchase a home, but good credit helps with any financing you may need (cars, furniture, whatever can be financed). If you need some help or want to know where you stand, please contact him!

    - Stacey Bittick
  • Robert Montoya is an awesome…

    Robert Montoya is an awesome credit repair guy who I used personally for my credit and refer to all my buyers in need of help! He just helped one of my buyer’s who had horrible credit get a home in less than 6 months!

    - Armando Padilla – Partner & Client
  • I Think That’s Fantastic…

    “Robert, thank you very much. Very interesting. Very timely. Good information. We appreciate you being on here”.

    - SCV TV – Dave Caldwell & Tami Edwards
  • CSR Can Raise You Score…

    Good morning friends! Just would like to let everyone know that my longtime friend Robert Montoya is absolutely amazing at credit repair. If buying a new home or car seems out of reach due to credit issues, CSR can raise your score in as little as a couple of months! Check them out!

    - Stefani Killam
  • Contact Him ASAP…

    Thanks to Robert Montoya for educating our company today on how he can repair & improve our clients credit. We learned a lot today, so if you’re interested in having your your credit cleaned up so you can purchase a home contact him ASAP while home loan rates are still low.

    - Carie Herman – Partner
  • Awesome Job! More Deleted…

     My future home buyer is so excited with her results with Credit Smart Repair! Thank you so much!! Awesome job, more stuff deleted off her credit, she is getting so close to buying her home she is forever grateful!

    - Pauline Jones – Partner
  • They Really Do Perform…

     I discovered a credible and reliable credit repair company that really performs! Yes, As you know there are many unprofessional and scammy credit repair companies out there. Not this one. Credit Smart Repair has over a decade of experience removing negative data from all 3 credit bureaus. Their solution is effective, powerful and even better super affordable! Their solution solves a HUGE problem hundreds and thousands of people are facing since they were hit with hard times and are now bouncing back. Hands down their customer service is the best, top notch and personable.  If you want a company that provides results and best of all you can talk to a live person, this is it.

    - Tom Douroux – Partner
  • Keep Up The Great Work…

     My clients are so happy and they have thanked me over and over for connecting them with Credit Smart Repair. I am not sure exactly what you are doing to get the amazing results you are getting to help my clients increase their overall credit, but keep up the great work! Credit Smart Repair is the Real DEAL. Thanks again for your teams efforts and helping many people achieve their dreams of home ownership and beyond!

    - Heber Gonzalez – Partner
  • We Have Seen Positive Results…

    The fact of the matter is we have seen the positive results of Credit Smart Repair’s work.  We know it can be done, in a matter of months or less, Robert has taken many of our clients, recently out of Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, short sale or debt neglect, & brought their FICO scores to a level of being able to buy a home again. These were not isolated events!  We have seen this time and time again & so have other “top real estate performers” in the Santa Clarita City & in the Greater LA areas virtual Who Who’s of Top Producing Realtors & Real Estate agent teams. This partnership is a win for my clients & a win for my team. Don’t think, just get started and thank me later!

    - Connor MacIvor – Partner
  • I am really lucky…

     “I am really lucky that I was referred to Credit Smart Repair. There are companies out there that will rip you off in a second. Not only was  happy to pay I also received awesome and responsive service! They were able to get my credit in a better standing and I am definitely in a better place than before I got started with their program. Thank you again and again for helping me not only improve my credit but my lifestyle as well”.

    - James Guidry – Los Angeles
  • Super Excited Client…


    Just received a phone call from a super excited client, who can now purchase a home, thanks to Robert Montoya for helping her with her credit and raising her FICO scores. If you need help with your credit, call now! You’ll be happy you did. It’s so nice to have those clients, we refer to him, being able to pick up the phone and check on their status. It’s a win for our  Team and for the client! We are Blessed to have Robert as our Credit Repair “Go To” with regard to our clientele that have experienced hardships of one sort or another. Thanks for all they amazing results and help!

    - Paris Macivor – Partner
  • Really Knows What He’s Doing!

     mike-jones-huntington-beach-cash-flowRobert has removed 5 negative items off my credit report in 30 to 45 days. He really knows what he is doing. He knows how to legally use the law to help people. I look forward to my scores getting back in the 740 range again.

    - Mike Jones – Partner & Client
  • It Really Works!…

    Literally I went from a low 500 to a low 700, I went up about 200 points in about 3 and a half months! I got a new car, got great financing. I couldn’t be happier. It really works, give it a shot!

    - Zach McReynolds – Partner & Client
  • I couldn’t be happier…


    “For years I have been in search for a good credit repair company and seemed like I could not find one that TRULY HELPED! Finally 10 years later I have found someone that we have used for the last year and I couldn’t be happier with!!! A ton of people ask me for a good credit repair guy… here he is!!! True results and great communication!!! You say – What a credit repair guy that communicates? Yes!!!!” This guy is awesome with Credit Repair!!! Our clients love him! Having great success!!!

    - Cherrie Brown – Partner
  • 20 Items Deleted…

    cameron blau“I got over 20 items deleted and  raised my score over 80 points in just 30 days FLAT! Thanks Credit Smart Repair. I recommend Credit Smart Repair. I was guy down on my luck and had credit issues but now I know I am on my road to recovery! The sooner you do it the better off you’ll be. I look forward to seeing you all in Good Credit LAND!!”

    - Cameron Blau – Valencia CA
  • Amazed With The Outcome…

    AH “When I first heard of your service I was scared that it would not produce what you were claiming. I was wondering what this service can actually do to increase my credit score. Then I saw the money back guarantee and I couldn’t pass this opportunity up to get the home of my dreams.  I was offered this service from my lender to help me increase my score and actually qualify to buy a home.  As I tried fixing my credit on my own and didn’t see results, I was just getting frustrated by all the time being lost.  I got started and 90 days later I could not believe it. My credit score had increased by 248 points! I was amazed at the outcome since the score was higher than I expected. I would like to thank credit smart repair for their service and making my dreams come true!! “

    - Angel Hernandez – Los Angeles CA
  • Your Service Rocks…

     “I really did not think much about credit repair and how it could help my clients get their dream home at first. But after I sent Robert one of my clients and then within 30 days saw the 10 deletions!… I was super excited. This is how I build my book of business. As the Official Super Woman of Realestate I recommend Credit Smart Repair and Robert 100%. I will be sending all my clients here from now on. If you deal with clients with poor credit, send them here and they will improve it!”

    - Deanna Rivetti – Partner
  • I Was Skeptical At First…

    julie benson“I met Robert through a good friend of mine. I have to admit, at first I was really skeptical. The main reason was because I had already paid 2 other companies that took my money & did literally Nothing! I paid one company 5 Thousand Dollars & the other 2 Thousand dollars. I had quite a few bad items reporting on my credit & I needed help bad. So Robert showed me positive results that other clients had with his service & plans. He even showed me his very own credit report with I think 9 or 10 Inquiry deletions. So I took the leap of faith one more time and you know what…it really PAID OFF! I recommend Credit Smart  Repair 100%”

    - Julie Benson – Los Angeles CA
  • I Got My Dream Home!

     “I was in escrow on a brand new KB home in Sylmar, California. I was close to closing escrow but my middle credit score had dropped just below qualifying. I had everything else verified except my score and the builder’s lender was going to pull again to make sure I still qualified for the loan. I was so stressed and could not sleep almost every night until I came across Robert’s website. So I Enrolled into this program and am glad I did. I closed Escrow and got my keys just about a month ago now. If you’re looking for a score boost & better credit,  Credit Smart Repair is your best BET! Thanks for lowering the stress I had buying my first home. I owe it all to you and your team.”

    - Noah Albiston – Northridge CA
  • A Service I Can Count On….

    mike-bjorkman “Working with Robert and Credit Smart Repair has been amazing! I am happy. My clients are happy and the bottom line is their services work! I am all about performance and results, so if you are on the fence about getting started, don’t hesitate one more second! Thanks guys for providing a service I can count on.”

    - Mike Bjorkman – Partner
  • I was so Excited…

    “I took action & I have got my new scores & cannot be more happier with the results. What a relief.  My score increase was over 186 points! This put me in the approval zone to move forward on some personal investing I wanted to do. I can’t wait to see next months results. Let’s keep it going! Thank’s Credit Smart Repair!!

    - Mercedes Luna – Studio City CA